AjiCod Think-Tank: Ideas Matter, Dreamers matter even more

AjiCod think-tank believers that dreamers and their ideas should be given a chance. We come together to search, suggest, discuss, and work on greal ideas.




AjiCod Agency - Anmoon

AjiCod Agency AjiCod Agency is concerned with digitalization and providing web solutions. AjiCod Agency manages your project from start to end. Making sure you get the best deal. And the project gets done quickly with the best quality.

ANMON or (ⴰⵏⵎⵓⵓⵏ) ANMON or (ⴰⵏⵎⵓⵓⵏ) in Amazigh language means "to come toghter", is Platform Meant to easily manage our Local Eco System And our Open Source community. For better collaboration, market access, and education system.

AjiCod Projects

You are a student at Ajicod and you have an awesome idea. AjiCod welcomes creativity as it’s an amazing way to learn and gain experience. AjiCod will provide you with space, Teammates, and Sponsoring partners. Gain you all the support you need. Submit your Idea now.

AjiCod Partners

AjiCod amazing partners are always supportive in supporting, sponsoring, and adopting awesome ideas. AjiCod and its partners believe in Moroccan youths. They Appreciate and welcome creativity and innovation. AjiCod always welcomes new partners.